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SMS Services

SevenDoors uses the tried and tested SMS communication to deliver your message to thousands of people at the same time, yet giving them the feel of being treated individually. The SMS has benefit of summing up your communication in short, crisp and to-the-point messages, delivered to the busy on-the-go users with no time to spare on detailed adverts. Messages sent through SMS platforms are also not hostage to the data connection on the user device, or the type of device itself. The limited characters on the SMS have the magic of telling the user what s/he needs to know instantly, prompting immediate follow-up action.

Unlike the traditional marketing efforts like billboards, outdoor advertising, commercial programmes, advertisements, which may fail to catch the attention of today's busy professionals constantly on the move, the SMS has the benefit of being in their sight with their mind on it at the same time.

SMS service can not only manage contact list, but can also track response rates, audience reach and variety of other factors that enable you to adapt and evolve your efforts to improve relations between your business and clients.

SevenDoors believes in providing a market to customers on a one-to-one basis. As we continue to look for new ways to make your business more mobile friendly with the use of smartphones increasing every day, we believe the tried and tested SMS communication with the customers ensures your business keeps with the latest trends.

Short Codes

SevenDoors connects brands with people via mobile phones using messaging over Short Code to help them market products and services; communicate with the members of a group or organization; provide users access to information, application or services; collect feedback or votes in a poll; and for other such services. A short code is a simple form of communication where users send SMS, usually beginning with a keyword, to a short number belonging to the marketer. The automated process may then respond to the SMS in a pre-decided manner, like replying back with the information requested, or acknowledging registering the request, or registering the vote cast by the user, and so on. The service may also reply with text menu like message, asking the user to select and send another message for navigating further.

With a short code being only five-digit long, marketers benefit from the high recall in target user's mind for where to turn to for information. Users find it very convenient to remember a five-digit number and post queries as and when needed.

With the exponential increase in the mobile phone subscription in India over the last few years, mobile phone-based awareness and marketing initiatives have found firm footing with marketer's plans.

Short code service has the added benefit of being capable to run on any mobile device over any supported network operator, and thus tremendously extends the potential target audience group for marketers. .

Pricing starts from 15,000 per Lakh.

Long Codes

SevenDoors offers you another inexpensive and simple way to enhance interactivity with your audience in the form of Long Code messaging services. A Long Code is just like a regular mobile number on which users or your potential customers can send SMS or voice calls to interact with you.

As more and more people get hooked to the habit of using their mobile phones for consuming marketing information and connect with brands, it becomes a highly useful tool for the marketers to give their customers instant access via their mobile devices, and to get connected with a completely opted-in audience with automatic consent to be informed about the brand's offering.

With high throughput capabilities, ie, capacity to let hundreds of thousands of SMS or calls through per minute, a Long Code number may be very helpful for a brand looking to engage and interact with its customers for collecting responses to a poll, audience votes, expression of interest by potential users, contests, games, and much more.

The way it works is that the marketer can advertise the Long Code number for audiences to SMS or call to get more information about the brand or the products and services, or to register their feedback, or to respond to a questionnaire/poll, etc.

Inexpensive and easy to obtain for the marketers, the Long Code, with its standard SMS and call tariffs, doesn't discourage the user as well from picking up the phone and connecting with it. In a cost-conscious country like India, where users constantly ask for more value for every buck, it is a huge advantage for marketers to have audience not thinking twice before connecting with them.

The Long Code allows marketers to have their own numbers, unlike Short Codes, which are usually shared across the brands.

Eventually, as the brands go increasingly global, expanding their reach beyond the political boundaries, the Long Code becomes of enormous value. A Long Code, just as a mobile number, works internationally, to receive SMS and call from other countries, being very useful for marketers seeking to interact with or taking feedback from overseas audiences.

Pricing starts from 15,000 per Lakh.

Missed Calls

Features of Miss Call Alert Services

A Unique National Number.

Free Call for Customers.

Automatic Disconnection After Two Ring.

Easy to Integrate with Existing Systems.

Better Response from Callers.

Missed Call, the quintessential Indian way of instant communication on a mobile phone without spending a penny, is a great tool for brands to connect with their target customers, with multifold reach than possible with other.

A missed call is a call made by the caller to ring at the receiver's end, but disconnected before being received. High call tariffs in earlier years of mobile telephony in India led people to discover a new form of communication, where a missed call would denote a sort of pre-decided communication.

"Meeting me at the nearby cafe ? Give me a missed call when you reach."

Simple, effective, real-time, and free!

The two biggest benefits to marketers that can be thought of are: inbound communication from a 100% assured willing audience; and four-fold reach than any other option involving typing.

Studies have shown that only one in four mobile phone users in India can send an SMS. While, if we think of it, almost each and every mobile user can dial the phone!

In a cost conscious user base market such as India, this feature is a boon for the marketers, where the customer doesn't have to think twice about the cost before walking into your store.

Moreover, due to the inbound nature of the missed call connections, marketers avoid the push factor and have an automatic consent from the caller to be informed about the products or services on offer.

Brands can use it as an advertising platform where each missed call caller can be treated as a lead; to register customers for sales communication by either voice or SMS; for conducting polls and registering votes; for ratings and surveys; for authentication or verification processes; and much more.

Being simply a telephone call, the most basic feature of any mobile phone, the service is completely independent of the type of handset or the carrier network; thus making the entire universe of the mobile phone users the playground for the marketers.

Also, since the communication is initiated by a willing a user, it is completely in line with the sector watchdog Telecom Regulatory Authority of India's (TRAI) efforts to curb unsolicited marketing communication.

All that a SevenDoors client marketer has to do is advertise the number to receive missed calls. The technology allows users to not worry about disconnecting the call, as it gets disconnected automatically after a specified number of rings. The call can then be returned by the marketing firm informing about the products or services. It can also be supported with an IVR layer to facilitate interaction.

Pricing starts from 12,000 per year.

Bulk WhatsApp

Delivery on Whatsapp Enable Numbers. No Hidden Charge.

Web Panel Easy To use.

Delivery Report with Profile Pic and User Whatsapp Status.

Scrubbing / Filtering Tool to Remove Non Whatsapp Numbers.

1 Credit = 1500 Count Text + 5 Images + 1 Audio + 1 Video + 1 V Card

API and White Label Solution Available.

Reseller Panel Available.

Pricing starts from 20 Paisa (20k per Lakh).

App Download Services

Features of App Download Services

Organic Downloads

Registration Included

Better Response

Increased Efficiency

Pricing starts from 450 INR.


SevenDoors, with the help of its Voice Messaging solutions, helps you take your brand's voice directly to billions of people, without the drag of having to call each number and speak personally into the phone.

With Voice Messaging service, one can call tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people at once with important information.

Our voice messaging service allows you to digitally record your message and send it out to a list of phone numbers via telephone. You can send your message through thousands of channels and deliver it to the phone numbers on your calling list. This service allows users and subscribers to exchange personal voice messages; to select and deliver voice information; and to process transactions relating to individuals, organizations, products and services, using a telephone.

We understand that manually dialling thousands of phone numbers is next to impossible at worst and a drag at best, and thus automate the process for you using our voice messaging service. Voice messaging service at SevenDoors not only saves you from the herculean task of manual dialling, but also enhances communication by delivering automated phone calls within minutes to any group, large or small.

In today's fast paced environment, where communication with large groups can be overwhelming and time consuming, we improve it and free up your time to focus on managing the myriad number of priorities that you juggle every day.

Our voice messaging service improves attendance and boosts response with just one phone call. Here at SevenDoors you talk, we deliver.


The E-Mail service from SevenDoors takes you directly to your customer's inbox, which, thanks to increasing smartphone penetration, is now not only on their desktops, but is in their hands at the click of a button or at a glance at the screen.

Increasing mobile internet penetration with more and more users owning smartphones now makes sure they are connected to their mailbox throughout the day, and the night as well. Users regularly check their e-mail, often several times a day, irrespective of whether it's a push mail service or their notifications are turned off. And when they do so, we are there for them, on your behalf, with your message nicely packaged in the form most suitable to the reader. Many users, as customers, prefer e-mails over direct phone calls for companies to keep them updated on new offers or new products.

E-mail marketing is not only your message written in a long prose sent directly to users across the web. It has evolved into thoughtfully drafted communication for targeted audience with rich text, images, media, hyperlinks, or even action buttons, bringing the decision making and ultimately the entire marketplace to the user's single tap on the screen.

While the pop-up ads or other forms of internet advertising often interfere with what the potential customer is looking at - the content, an e-mail marketing message has the amazing benefit of being the content itself that the user wants to see at the given time. While the intruding advertising often irks users, e-mail marketing messages targeted and sent to users based on their areas have a potential of high click-through and possibly favourable action.

We at SevenDoors, through e-mail marketing, make sure that you not only reach your target markets but also stay connected with your customer base. With efficient use of e-mail marketing, we make sure you retain current clients, even as you target new markets at the same time.

Pricing starts from 12,000 per Lakh.